Trip in Italy -7days and 5nights-

I have traveled to Rome, Florence, and Venice in Italy.[emoji:v-233]
This is the very first time I travel in Euorope just for sight seeing, besides I visited Paris for a day as transit.
I traveled with my mom this time, so I tried to make plans more carefully to suit her.

[emoji:v-20]At first, we visited Rome, Capital City of Italy.
I know Rome only from the movie [emoji:v-265]”Roman Holiday”, so I went to all places Audrey Hepburn visited in the movie, such as Piazza di Spangna, Piazza Bocca della Vertia, and Castel Sant’ Angelo.

[emoji:e-94]Piazza di Spangna[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Piazza della Vertia[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Castel Sant’ Angelo[emoji:e-30]

Of course we visited some more famous places, such as Fontana di Trevi[emoji:v-46], Colosseo, Piazza del Campidoglio, Santa Maria Maggiore[emoji:v-259], Basilica di San Pietro[emoji:e-340], and so on…

[emoji:e-94]Fontana di Trevi[emoji:e-30]


[emoji:e-94]Piazza del Campidoglio[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Basilica di San Pietro[emoji:e-30]

We almost walked all the way, a place to another.[emoji:v-106]
Our legs were so tired after long walk, we had to take subway at last.[emoji:v-393]

[emoji:v-20]The next day, we moved to Florence by train.
It took only 1.5 hours.

We dropped our baggage at the hotel, we started to walk to the town.
It is smaller City than Rome, but it still has a lot of places to visit.
We visited Duomo/Cattedrale(Santa Maria del Fiore), which is at the center of Florence.
We walked up to the top, throgh the narrow stairs.
It was very nice view from the top.

デゥオーモ1 デゥオーモ2

デゥオーモ3 デゥオーモ4

After that, we went to Palazzo Vecchio, Galleria degli Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce, and so on.
Galleria degli Uffiti is one of the most famous art gellery, people wait for more than an hour to get in. It was interesting, but too big for me, coz I am not so interested in Art.[emoji:v-8]

[emoji:e-94]in front of Galleria degli Uffizi[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Ponte Vecchio[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Santa Croce[emoji:e-30]

Then we walked up the hill to Piazzale Michelangelo.
We could see the nice view of Florence from there.
Since I have heard that sunset makes the veiw more beautiful with red color, we waited until sunset. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn red on that day.


[emoji:v-20]On the 4th day, we went to Pisa to see the “Torre Pendente(Campanile)” from Florence by train.[emoji:v-339]

It was very intersting to see the leaning Tower, and more interesting to walk up in the leaning tower. It was very strange feeling.[emoji:v-389]

ピサ3 ピサ4

[emoji:v-20]On the last day, we were in Venice.
Venice is a city of small islands.
We took a boat at first to Piazza San Marco.[emoji:v-232]

ヴェネツィア船から サンマルコ到着

We went up to the tower as well, but there was a elevator.
It was also beautiful view from there.[emoji:v-212]


We visited Basilica di San Marco, Ponte dei Sospiri, and Palazzo Ducale.
The Prison in Palazzo Ducale was interesting.

[emoji:e-94]Basilica di San Marco[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Ponte dei Sospiri[emoji:e-30]

[emoji:e-94]Prison in Pasazzo Ducale[emoji:e-30]

We enjoyed big lunch and dinner here in Venice as well.[emoji:v-411]
Italian foods are different from Japanese, we were a bit tired of eating Pizza or Pasta.
But good restaurant serves good foods, not cheep though…
We enjoyed soup, steak, salad, and a glass of wine.[emoji:v-272]

ヴェネツィアワイン イカ墨パスタ

Thank you for taking time to read this long blog.
I hope you enjoy an Italian trip with these photoes.[emoji:e-68]