What can I do for them?

It happened suddenly last week.
I was at work, it shaked pretty much for a couple of minites.
I was a little scared coz it was long shake, but I didn’t think what a tragedy just started.

Tsunami attacked some of villages and so many people died, so many people lost their house and their families.
Nuclear power plant is now crumbling…

I don’t know what I sould do now.

I recieved a message from my friend, it said that one thing we can do for them is saving electric energy to send it to the disaster area.
I wasn’t sure that the message was real, but I was willing to do that.

Eventually that information was wrong.
There is no reason to save power here. The power here is not usable in Kanto area.

There is nothing I can do for them except praying and donation.

I am feeling how happy to have a normal life and irritated with nothing I can do to help them.
I just hope they would recover as fast as possible.