Australian Manual Therapy in Tokyo

I attended to courses of Jeff Murray’s Australian Manual Therapy on this weekend.[emoji:v-411]
Jeff is an Australian massage therapist, who was a director of spots massage in Sydney Olympics.

I found his courses are held in Japan once in a while on website by chance.[emoji:e-317]

Because I wanted to learn something new and I was more interested in Australian technique to work in abroad nealy future, I decided to take these courses even though it is held in Tokyo, where is very far from my place.

[emoji:v-295]On the first day, we learned about several techniques to release muscle tightness and expand range of motion, starting from how to assess, and order to approach from fascia to TPJ, how to approach by hands, some points of you need to check, and so on.

[emoji:v-295]On the second day, we learned how to stop pain by using rigid tape or exercise with belt.
And he showed us some demonstrations of how to assess and treat.

The most important things to do are
[emoji:v-136]You definately need to assess at first, otherwise you would be wrong.
and [emoji:v-137]you have to approach to one thing at a time, so that you could know what cause the problem.

Well, I learned too many things in 2 days.[emoji:v-405]
I will try to use these techniques for my cliants from tomorrow, to treat better before I forget what I learned.

and one more thing, I noticed that I need to study English more, especialy technical term like name of muscles.
I will try to write case report in English here sometimes… (maybe)

Thank you for taking time to read this.[emoji:v-22]