Waterpolo game in the National Athletic Meet at Gifu

Its already been a while since the game was held in Gifu.
But I want to write the review now.

I started to support waterpolo team about 5years ago.
I didn’t know about waterpolo at all at that time.
It took a quite long to understand the rules, but I think its a pretty fun sport to watch.

1st stage: preliminary tournament.

The first game was very important for them.
Because unless they win the first game, its done, they wouldn’t get any chance to play another game.

Since it was held in local, auditorium were full of people who want to cheer the local Gifu team and lots of mass medias were there as well.

Players must have been so nerves in such a situation, but they fighted so hard from the beginning.
Even though they lost the first priod, revenged in the 2nd, leaded more in 3rd, and managed to hold on against their opponents’ in last priod.
It was really good game.

2nd stage : semi-final league.

against Gunma!

Gunma beated Mie, which Gifu had never beaten lately, in preliminary’s.
To be honest, I believed that Gunma would be a lot stronger than Gifu.

I was wrong.
The head coach made strategy, and players knew what they should do.
It was really close match, but they certainly won the game.

against Yamaguchi

If they could win against Yamaguchi, they surely had been the ranking 2 in their league.
I believed they would win this time, even though Yamaguchi is in higher rank.

During 1st to 3rd priod, they defensed so well and kept the score in tie. At the last priod, their defense didn’t work and lost 3 points in a row.
They still tried so hard, but eventually they couldn’t make it.

against Saitama, which is the champion of this meet.

They knew Saitama is the strongest team.
But they didn’t want to loose especially against this team, because an old teammate plays in this team.

I don’t know about details of the tactics, but I think they did the best game ever.
The score was 6-11.
Our team gave the least points against Saitama.
Players looked satisfied after the good game.

The result of league.

Since Gifu team won against Gunma and lost against Yamaguchi, if Yamaguchi won against Gunma, Gifu should have been ranking 3.
But Gunma won against Yamaguchi.
If their score difference was 1 or more than 6, we also could have been ranking 3.

If the score against Saitama was considered to decide ranking, Gifu was ranking 2…

Well, the rule is the rule.
Unfortunately We were ranking 4 in the league.

Final stage: deciding match against Shiga

They wanted to play against stronger team.
It didn’t happen.
The head coach told them to perform the best game at last. And they showed us the best performance in their last game.

Congratulations on ranking 7 for Gifu team!!
Thank you for showing us great performances.