Phone call from Europe

“someone who speaks English has called, but I don’t know what she wants, so please take the call and talk to her”

My colleague asked me help, and I got a interesting phone call at work yesterday!!

She was calling from Europe to research for something.
She wanted to talk with a doctor, but she couldn’t reach any of them because it was national holiday in Japan and many doctor was off work.
And she eventually called to our hospital.
Unfortunately doctor wasn’t there at that time.

She asked me whether the hospital has CT, MRI, and Ultra sound or not.
And what kind of those we have.
I know we do have all of them, but I don’t know what kind.

I thought that’s interesting, because we can be taken MRI, CTscan, Ultra sound at any time we want in Japan.
But when I was in canada, people needed to wait for at least 3monthes to get MRI taken unless you have connection to the hospital.

I don’t know the situation in Europe.
Her research should be interesting and it would be different in each country.
I think we are lucky to have MRI in many places and be taken any time.