Heteroptera VS the Meteorological Agency

Finaly it snowed a lot here in Ogaki, Gifu.
We have lots of snow covered 2 or 3 times every year.
But this year we hadn’t had have so much snow yet.

In last fall, My friend told me that we would have less snow because there were less Heteropteras showed up in last fall, even though the Meteorological Agency says that there would be a lot of snow we have this year.
She says amount of snow depends on how many Heteroteras we see in fall.

I was curious which forecast would be right.

In fact, both forecast were right for now.
There are record snowfull some places in Japan, but we don’t have much snow here in Ogaki where less Heteropteras showed up.

anyways, the road may be covered with snow tomorrow morning.
I have to wake up early not to be late for work…