Rice cooker was broken!!

It’s been almost a month since I started to live by myself.
I enjoy doing housework more than I expected.

Yesterday, my rice cooker has suddenly been broken.
I have no idea what happen to it.
It is old as my sister had used for 10 years, but it worked fine until a day before yesterday.
It wasnt working when I came home yesterday, I thought I might swiched off in the morning.
I didn’t care much at that time.
But when I was going to set the time to cook in the morning, it didn’t work at all.
I realized that it was broken.

The very first thing I had ever bought when I started to live in Canada was a rice cooker.
Cooking rice is very important for me.
I cooked rice in a pan this morning, which is fine, but it takes more time.
I have to buy a new rice cooker immediately…..