Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury -causes-

Now, how does the ACL rupture happen?


①When Quadriceps muscle work hard in the knee extentention or slightly flexion.
②Valgus stress for the knee
③Tibia’s external rotation

In other words, when the knee performs like a picture above, ACL injury could happen.
Especially, in high speed movement.

Many cases of ACL injury occar without contact in sports.
The most common cases are while
①Landing from a jump

※In the latest study, it is said that ACL rupture occars just before jumping, instead of landing from jump.

Predilection age:15~25 years old

Sports:Amerian football、ski、lacrosse、basketball、soccer etc…

When ACL injury happens, the other injuries could happen at the same time, such as meniscus tear, MCL rupture, blues to the bone, and so on.

Well, how should we prevent from ACL injuries then?
The next topic is some preventive measures of ACL rupture.