Mulligan Concept Upper Quarter -day3-

I took 3days course of Mulligan Comcept Upper Quarter this weekend.
This was the first time for me to take manual therapy course, I was so excited.

It was held at Kio university in Nara Prefecture.
Nara is quite far away from Gifu, where I live, and inconvenient to access, but I cannot complain.
It was quiet and good place to learn.

Well, the teachers are Mr. Kim Robinson and Mr. Toby Hall.
Kim is very funny and Toby is very gentle.
And both of them are so kind and realy good at teaching.

DSC_1853.jpg DSC_1810.jpg

We started to learn how to treat cliants who have frozen shoulder with gross limitation today.
It was pretty difficult techniques to learn, but it is felt to affect pretty well.[emoji:v-426]

And we learned some more techniques for neck as well.
They are good affective to headaches or dizziness.

Well, I learned so many techniques in 3 days.
I cannot wait to use these techniques for my cliants.
I believe that they should help the problems, which I couldn’t solve propery by now.[emoji:v-21]

DSC_1862.jpg DSC_1864.jpg

Thanks very much to Kim and Toby.[emoji:v-22]
Thanks to 3 professors of translator.
Thanks to Mr.Uritani who invited me to take the course.
And thanks to all people who learned together for 3 days.

I hope to see you all in next year!!! [emoji:v-354]