Cambodia trip

Its been a while since I had updated a blog last time.

I went to Cambodia last week, stayed there for 4days.
I visited Angkor Wat and some other histrical places.
and I also went to the Lake and saw people who live on water.

Angkor Wat was so great.
I cannot imagine how they built such a great architecture without any motor-machines.
And I was so surprised that it still remains in good condition after long long years.

I enjoyed seeing old temples, but I had to think a lot of things after I saw their present life in cambodia.
They are not so rich, I thought it is because they don’t have enough places to work.

Tourists are good money foundation for them.
They are trying to sell souvenirs in high prices than it is realy worth.
It is not so expensive for tourists.
But I couldn’t know that buying their products in high price realy helps their economy and thier lives or not.
They are now developing.

I look forward to see developed city in Cambodia nearly future.

Well, where do I want to go next???