「Dr.House」Season5 has just arrived!!


I started to watch 「Dr.House」 to keep up my listeing skill of English.
and then I was addicted to this show right away.

Dr. House is very genius.
He and his team are solving puzzles to diagnose the difficult case, which no other doctor could cure.

I think that the way of thinking is similar to Physiotherapy.
They get all personal information, such as medical history, job, hobbies, and so on.
They discuss several possibilities with white board from the symptoms, considering personal informations.
Then treatment is started after they figure out whats wrong with the patients.
Most of the time, the first solution.
If the treatment is not working, they think another possibilities to fit the symptoms.

Physiotherapy is the same.
We get personal informations as many as it seems to be related the problem.
And we assess the several things to make programs to recover from injury.

They can finally find a right answer because they and he have so many knowleges.
I feel that I need more knowledes to give better physiotherapy to my cliants.