Let's Discuss in English!!!

I will be holding the Thoughtstorm® session on Saturday 17th of February starting from 6pm to 7:30pm Japan time (UTC+9).
The theme for this time is below.

Agreement is the sharing of 

a common viewpoint.
How do you get someone 

to share a viewpoint?

Thoughtstorm is a group discussion method from American self-empowerment program Avatar®.


You can join this discussion no matter how old you are, what your occupation is, what your nationality is.


Anyone who likes to think, explorer, and share the different opinions are very welcomed.


What you need is just full of curiosity!!


Also, thoughtstorm can be used as a practical problem-solving tool, or for philosophic dousing into the secrets of the universe, or even just as an evening’s entertainment.


The experience you will have in this session will help you increase the ability of your mind to think creatively!

Date : Saturday on 17th of February
Time : 6pm to 7:30pm (Japan time UTC+9)




Let's discuss in English!!!



合意とは共通の視点を分かち合う ことである。










*********Event detail*********

Date : February 17th, 2024 6:00~7:30pm (Japan time +UTC9)
Participants limit :12 people
Charge : free

*Please note that due to the nature of the session, you will not be able to participate if you are late.

*Please turn on the video to participate in the session, as we will be working together with all participants.

〜Flow of the session~

(1)Brief self-introduction of participants

(2)Explanation of how to do a Thoughtstorm

(3)Alignment question before moving on to the main theme
   ”What desires do we have in common?”

(4) Main theme
  “Agreement is the sharing of a common viewpoint.
     How do you get someone to share a viewpoint?”


Please join the LINE open chat to apply
if you are interested in joining the session.